Yesterday, we tried to chase down the fools' gold of Fleet Foxes covering Robyn's "Dancing on My Own"—turns out, it was part of an elaborate internet project (prank?) called Fleet Foxes Sing, with some anonymous internet guy covering a number of well-known pop songs in the established Fleet Foxes style. Well, we already knew the FFs approved of the project, but now they're taking it one step further. Last night, Foxes leader Robin Pecknold had a little Twitter exchange with Robyn herself, and let her know that the group plans on making the fantasy cover a reality:



Well then. Not quite "Dancing on My Own," but "Call Your Girlfriend" (our #15 single of last year) will just have to do in its stead. Plus, they plan on covering "Stranded," too? This is gonna be the best Fleet Foxes year ever!