Hey Look, Azealia Banks Is Feuding on Twitter Again, This Time With Baauer

Stars are feistier than ever, and the number of social networks for them to fight on is only growing—we’ll be your guide to their digital dustups, with a clear, standardized look at who’s feuding over what, where and why. If you’re lucky, we’ll even pass judgement and tell you who won!

Who's Feuding: Feud-happy Harlem rapper Azealia Banks and feud-averse "Harlem Shake" DJ Baauer, with a special assist from Perez Hilton.

Medium: Twitter, YouTube.

How It Got Started: As a dance craze based on Baauer's 2012 track "Harlem Shake" started to go viral, Azealia Banks released a freestyle over the track. Baauer complained and got the video removed.

Best Shots: Really, there are none. This thing started off juvenile, and only got more so when Perez Hilton entered the mix:

Tweets/Accounts Later Deleted: So far, none.

Endgame: All the slurs in the world won't get Banks' "Harlem Shake" back up.

Who Won? As bush-league as it is for a DJ to complain about rappers freestyling over his song, we've got to give this one to Baauer, if only for the sole factor that he is only person in this who comes off remotely well.


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