In all the hullabaloo about Botticelli, Zack Snyder and Roger Daltrey's birthdays, you might've forgotten about the birthday of one certain very pop artist: the incomparable Ke$ha. (Ke$ha is, in fact, not entirely far off from a Botticelli figure interpreted first by Zack Snyder and then Roger Daltrey.) She's 25! 25 is an important age! It's the downward slope to 30. It's halfway to 50.

Ugh. Now we feel old. So we're going to back off from how momentous Ke$ha's age is and focus on how momentous Ke$ha's birthday is. It also falls on the perfect night to party, a Thursday. (If you don't think Thursday nights are the perfect nights to party, why are you a Ke$ha fan?) You probably already know your plan. You've been day-drinking, and you've possibly been growing out a beard or ladyneckbeard. Today, you will probably afternoon-drink, you will evening-drink while pondering the immensity of the fuck you are not giving, you'll find a rich dude's house, get kicked out of the rich dude's house, then re-enact the less questionable parts of the "Sleazy" video and end it all with one Diddy morning tomorrow. While you're doing that, and of course being as responsible as you think Ke$ha would be, we've got a couple more suggestions for you, below.

Listen to the aptly titled "Glitter Party."

This track, by Sauna, is really good, and half the reason we include it here is because we're sorry we missed it the first go-round. But more importantly in the context of this post: it is called "Glitter Party." There are few things you can do from your Ke$ha-free home (we assume) that will honor her more.

Sauna - "Glitter Party" from stereogum on Vimeo.

Read a bunch of awesome stuff about K-Dollar.

Writer Zach Lyon's in the middle of an entire week of writing devoted to Ke$ha as part of the One Week One Band blog series, and it's amazing. Any true Ke$ha fan owes it to himself or herself to check it out. Call it your daily Ke$ha devotional. One page of writing to go with your day's one libation of glitter.

Have a Sammie marathon.

Why? Because Sammie and Ke$ha were both born March 1, 1987. Yes, the guy who did this song is the same age as Ke$ha. We don't know how either.