Hila The Killa Drops Killer Debut Album "Ribaldry & Soul Wisdom"

Ribaldry & Soul Wisdom is the positive, uplifting, WOKE AF rap album that will get you through to 2017 (and beyond) PLUS dope music video for her single "Body Hair"

Rising Star

Hila The Killa is "a special type of gangster"

New York City rapper and performance artist Hila The Killa just dropped her game-changing debut album Ribaldry & Soul Wisdom.

Hila, who calls herself "a soldier in the army of Love," isn't bustin' any shots or blowin' any stacks like a traditional rapper. Instead, she's spreading messages of self-love, body positivity, and safe sex (all things we desperately need)!

UPDATE: Hila the Killa is donating the proceeds from this album to the Sioux tribe at Standing Rock!

Check out this kickass album on Bandcamp, it really will make your day.

Best tracks off the album (IMHO):

  1. "Safe Sex (turns me on)" - a track that extols the virtues of safe sex, including "consent and conversation... get on that level"
  2. "Hippy" - a fun intro track about loving all the creatures on the earth, supporting the art your friends make, and Mercury in retrograde ("Depending upon when you listen to this song, it may or may not be in retrograde, but if it is in retrograde, feel free to blame all of your problems on that")
  3. "I'm A Real Rapper, Yo" (feat. Sir Kn8) - Hila rhymes with "turducken," brings her friend Sir Kn8 onto the track to drop some Jean-Paul Sartre knowledge, and tells you that real rappers need to care about animals!
That said, the whole album is dope. The track "Shalom" is rapped almost entirely in Hebrew (which is so cool).

Hila the Killa concurrently released a music video for the single "Body Hair," a track that wittily and joyously embraces female body hair and promotes body positivity and empowerment.

Check out the video (which may be considered NSFW, depending upon how strict your workplace is) here:

From the Ribaldry & Soul Wisdom press release:

The album features bright, optimistic production by rapper/producer Sir Kn8 (Ketamine: The Musical), combining early-90's-inspired funkiness and simplicity with eclectic sampling and psychedelic textures.

Hila the Killa (Hila Perry), is known for her multifaceted performance style -- she combines hip-hop, stand-up comedy, and acrobatics into one highly energized act, featuring thoughtful lyricism, upside-down freestyling in a headstand, and distributing homemade felt heart pins to audience members. Her lyrical content combines a spirit of comedic irreverence with sincere, socially conscious positivity. It's kind of like if Queen Latifah were gene-spliced with Sarah Silverman.

You can check out Hila The Killa at various Internet locations: official website, Facebook, Instagram, and Soundcloud!

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