Hilary Duff Discusses Her Upcoming "Indie Dance" Album, New Single Due Spring

Hilary Duff's currently the face of some charity campaign with Duracell, and while doing the promo rounds for it, she's revealed a tonne of new info on her upcoming comeback album.

During an appearance on Canada's Breakfast Television, Hilary stated that the new album's, "got a little bit of an indie dance feel."

"The first six songs I've done have all been really dance-y, and kind of like upbeat, uplifting happy stuff, so now I'm getting a little bit more into the moody. Because I think it's important to have that fine balance and show all your sides."

In a separate interview with the Toronto Sun, Hil went into even more detail on the disc.

"There's some EDM influence. And then some songs kind of like indie and earthy. I don't know, that sounds really weird. It's all over the map. Some songs have really heavy piano. Some have like funky weird tinkering sounds."

And the best news? The first single is tentatively due out this Spring, with the album set to follow in the Fall!

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