We've got another Hilary Duff comeback album update for you! While Hilary hasn't taken up Charli XCX's offer to pen a song for her new album just yet (at least as far as we know), Hil has hooked up with popular hitmaker, Lindy Robbins, to write a new song called "Outlaw." Robbins has previously written hits for Disney divas, Selena Gomez ("Slow Down," "A Year Without Rain") and Demi Lovato ("Here We Go Again," "Skyscraper"), as well as Fifth Harmony's "Miss Movin' On."

We just hope that Lindy's cooked up something a little more, uh, unique for Hilary than the previous hits she's written. Not that those songs aren't good, but the stuff on Hilary's Dignity album is much more substantial and forward-thinking than the kind of top forty fodder that Selena and Demi churn out. That's why Dignity remains the best album to ever come out of Hollywood Records (along with Aly & AJ's Insomniatic, of course), so Hilary has a lot to live up to with her follow up LP.

Instagram: Hilary Duff in the studio with Lindy Robbins.