Hilary Duff Is Gonna Blow Your Faces Off—Singer Signs New Record Deal!

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Hilary Duff absolutely knows what dreams are made of, and she's finally coming back to her music-making roots! The starlet, who stole our hearts in the Lizzie McGuire hit TV show and accompanying movie, announced on Friday (March 28) that she has signed a record deal!

How freaking excited are you!

The girl who brought us the severely underrated Metamorphosis, and then later the incredible Dignity, is back in the limelight, as she rightfully should be. It's been seven years since she last blessed our eardrums with her glorious melodies and smooth voice. 2007, get it together.

A huge congrats from all of us here at Popdust. We absolutely can not wait to hear what she cooks up for us next!

Also: remember this?!



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