Hilary Duff is ready to keep moving.

Duff's comeback single Chasing The Sun debuted in late July. The mature sound she has switched to is something to be happy about. She strays away from the typical bubble gum pop and adds a unique touch to this comeback single. "Why am I in such a hurry? Always getting up too early," she croons.

The 26-year-old recording artist just announced the name of her next comeback single. Although, you may think that it's too soon, it really isn't. Duff hasn't been recording for a variety of years now. The fact that she's decided to get back into the game and put out music, nothing is too soon. Her comeback album is due this fall.

Duff's next single is called All About You. Along with the announcement of the track, she also shared the cover art. She's looking flawless as ever and it's similar to the Chasing the Sun cover.

All About You will receive its radio debut Monday night (August 11) on the Adam Bomb radio show. Fans can pre-order the track on iTunes now; it will be available on Tuesday (August 12).

When unveiling the artwork to her fans, Duff tweeted:

Pick up a copy of 'Chasing the Sun' on iTunes.

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