Holdan Expands His Kaleidoscopic Sound on “Bright Red”

The Los Angeles-based singer's new song doesn't shy away from delving into personal battles of self-realization.


With his latest release, Holdan continues to venture deeper into his versatile sound while painting vivid images of isolation and self-discovery.

Last month, the Los-Angeles-based singer/songwriter released his dreamy debut single "Foggy Lake" from his upcoming EP, I Lost My Friends In The Spring. This month, he's followed up with a new track called "Bright Red."

Holdan left his native Florida to pursue a musical path in LA, but after drumming in several punk bands, he switched gears to focus on his unique brand of introspective pop. For his solo project, Holdan teamed up with producer Josh 'Igloo' Monroy to collab on the forthcoming six-track EP.

Whereas "Foggy Lake" was a dreamy meditation on loneliness and uncertainty, "Bright Red" builds off of that theme in a song that reflects the feelings of alienation at a house party. The new song features new sonic territory, too; Holdan maintains his enticing production style as he expands his kaleidoscopic soundscape on "Bright Red" by melding together elements of pop, R&B, and hip hop.

"Bright Red" aligns with Holdan's constant search for self-discovery, recalling images of the past while finding the resolve to move forward and settle into new habits. The track opens with a few melancholic beats against the din of a party, setting the stage for a song that perfectly encapsulates the mental struggle of oscillating between not caring about what others think and feeling judged for being yourself. Holdan's introspective lyrics are warped through modulated vocals and wrapped into an anthemic chorus tempered by mellow trap beats. He sings, "I don't wanna wake up alone again, get any older. I'd rather just never fit in."

The result is a chilled-out bop unafraid to delve into deeper issues and personal battles of self-realization. Demonstrating deft sonic versatility and an ability to cut through to an emotional core, "Bright Red" is just the latest installment in Holdan's musical trajectory––but certainly not the last.

Listen to "Bright Red" below.

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