Tiany Tunes 3- Baby It's Cold Outside

When the temperature drops, the playlist heats up. 135 songs to keep you warm at night.

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5:44 this morning marked the start of Winter Solstice in New York, most commonly referred to as the first day of winter and often referred to as, 'I can't' by me. During the 'I can't' season, people brag about pumpkin spice lattes (I hate PSL, so I can't), organize snowball fights via twitter (I don't like people throwing things at me, so I can't), and happily put on a few pounds that they hide under infinity scarfs, beanies, and layers of cotton button up shirts and wool sweaters (I can't—to the fat, to the layers, to the infinity scarfs. I just absolutely cannot). My love for next three months comes from the fact that people tend to spend a little more time indoors. House parties, Girls Night In, Guys Night In and love dens increase in appearance exponentially from the months of December to March. These are facts that can be proven by the number of new births nine months after any big snow or ice storm divided by the number of "Netflix and Chill?" texts multiplied by two (because most people send out at least three and pick and person from there).

Math, it's fundamental. Also, I made it up

In the words of my charming and cunning little brother who at the tender and impressionable age of fifteen tried to pimp me and my best friend out so that we could get him new shoes and access to GoGos (a party where DC's native music is played from 8pm to dawn, not the female rock band or the very weird word for scantily clad dancers), here's where I come in. Behold, a brand new Tiany Tunes, aptly titled Baby It's Cold Outside. Ten hours of sensual music to heat up the coldest room, and heart. You're welcome.

Say thank you!

With 135 songs spanning multiple genres and generations, Elvis Costello, Rihanna, Flavr Blue, Marvin Gaye, White Stripes, Jalen Santoy Shalamar and about 130 other atrists tell one cohesive story of like, love and lust, with a little bit of contention in the middle to mirror real life situationships. From Latin, to Opera, soul to funk, it's hard not to find the song that fits the mood, but we dare you to try. The PopDust staff brought out their arsenal of cuffing season weapons, sandwiched between two Erykah Badu songs, "WiFi" with Dram, and "Hello" from the late 2015 release But You Caint Use My Phone. The best part, some of these songs are guaranteed to be heard for the first time by either you or your guest(s). That's right, PopDust is breaking records while you are breaking bac*wifi dropped*. After this exercise Kaila is officially the Queen of France, E.R. the King of Seduction, Alex the Love Ambassador from the 90's and 2000's, and Andrew the Prince of Pop (sorry Andrew, Michael Jackson is the king). Is your never fail cuffing season song missing from our playlist? Let us know in the comments.

Arguably and obviously missing from the playlist is R. Kelly. Like Gloria Gaynor, you will survive.

Possibly tea, maybe shade.

Keep it steamy with me on twitter and Instagram, and check out the playlist below.

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