Hoops End Their Hiatus with Comeback Single "They Say"

Check out the Indiana indie-pop trio's first new music in two years.

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Most bands wouldn't think to call a hiatus just as they were reaching a new level of success, but that's exactly what Hoops did.

Not long after dropping their well-received debut album, 2017's Routines, the Indiana indie-pop trio decided it was time to channel their artistic and mental focus elsewhere. Thankfully, their break didn't last too long; Hoops are officially back, announcing their return with the single "They Say," their first new music in two years.

"They Say" is a little more polished than the lo-fi ambience of Routines, but at its core, it still feels like a natural return to form for Hoops. It features the band's characteristic groovy synths, silky-smooth guitar jangle, and reverbed-out shared vocals of members Drew Auscherman, Kevin Krauter, and Keagan Beresford. "They Say" offers a blissfully optimistic comeback from the get-go: "They say the very best in life is free/No need to compromise a thing," go the track's first lines. However Hoops spent their time during their hiatus, it seems they've returned more content than ever. As they urge you to "throw your cares away," "They Say" is evidence of the prosperity a well-deserved break can conjure.

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