Thanks to Popdust friend Andrew W.K., we already know a few foolproof ways to celebrate the birth of America this weekend. But about that group singalong he mentioned...still scratching your heads? While you could go the conventional route and blast "My Last" all weekend long (it did win the title of our official Summer Jam) may we suggest an addition to your late night playlist? "Hot Dog Rock," a totally for real "rock opera" about the wonders of wieners by McSAPRR. Not only is the song incredibly accurate ("Hot dogs taste better when it's warm out," says science) but the video—filled with bikini-wearing dancers who can't fight their love of meat—is totally ridiculous. Scratch that, don't wait until the after hours. This is jam that will get the party motherfucking started. And if you're a vegetarian, well, then you obviously hate America.