Can you believe it's been one year since the emergence of Rebecca Black? Even if you haven't thought about her recently, you can rest easy knowing she made good on her 15+ minutes of fame, squeezing in award show appearances and a faux friendship with Katy Perry. As the search for her successor continues, early nominee "Hot Problems" by Double Take has failed to succeed in becoming the next "Friday." If we're not going to hate, love and then hate that we're loving the duo's original song, it might as well get some necessary Internet mockery. The minds of Bad Lip Reading bring us "Time To Rock," an updated take on a video that still features two arguably attractive females sitting in a limo, with a much more aggressive chorus ("Are you deaf boy, I'm a beat you / Ho, we should kick you") that's slightly unkind to animals. Like any hot girl, these two have massive appetites that defy the constraints of their tiny frames, and chicken, Funyuns and pudding are among the delicacies they like singing about the most. So be a dum-dum (as in the candy and the less than intelligent percentage of the population; its true meaning in this context is unclear) and check it out below.