House Tour Tuesday—The Playboy Mansion Can Be Yours!


playboy mansion for sale House Tour Tuesday—The Playboy Mansion Can Be Yours

Got a whopping $200 million in your Bank of America account? Probably not, but perhaps you’ll be a lucky lottery winner and soon will be rolling in the dough—then the Playboy Mansion can be yours!

But before you start financing your nephew’s college education, donating to Greenpeace, and paying off your mom’s parking tickets, think about what it would be like to live lavishly in the home of Hugh Hefner and his bevy of barely-legal buxom beauties.

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The iconic Playboy Mansion is on the market for one lucky buyer whose childhood fantasies can come to life instead of slowly wasting away in a sticky pile of dog-eared magazines hidden under the mattress. Sounds romantic, no?

Well before you plunk your money down, there’s a catch. The home comes with more than 22,000 square feet of bedrooms, grottos, and probably lots of icky DNA.

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Hefner, the 89-year-old eternal Playboy comes with the purchase. Yep, he wants to live in the mansion until he takes his dying breath. If this deal still makes you hop like a bunny with excitement,have we got the deal for you!

Here’s what else the mansion boasts…

First of all, USA Today writes that the mansion sits atop 5 acres in Holmby Hills, LA. If you’ve got over 2 dozen family members or half-naked girlfriends, let them stay in one of the home’s 29 (yes, 29!) bedrooms or in the 4-bedroom guesthouse.

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The property also houses a gym, a home theater, a tennis court, a swimming pool, and even has a zoo license. Well, it makes sense – some of Hugh’s party guests, including Charlie Sheen and Bill Cosby were quite the animals.

Want to see more of this magnificent mansion for yourself?

Take a virtual tour below

Take a peek inside the Playboy Mansion, courtesy of Getty—and check out other stars’ fabulous homes here