We certainly noticed the trend in recent photos of UK chanteuse Adele—each one, there appeared to be less and less of her in the frame. It's not trick photography, apparently—girl has made the concerted effort to lose weight, for a variety of reasons. "She's finally caved to weight pressure," sources apparently told Star Magazine. "Adele always swore up and down that she was comfortable in her own skin, but she's only human. She wanted to sex up her image a bit. And she thinks she'll get even more fashion and acting offers if she shaves off a few pounds." Said source goes on to mention that the weight loss was partially doctor-recommended, and also largely due to wanting to "wow when she steps out again at the Grammys."

All good reasons, and it's certainly hard to blame Adele for wanting to be at her healthiest and prettiest. It will be interesting, though, to see how her newfound svelteness will affect her public image—so much of Adele's story has been based on how she's relateable to every day girls, how she doesn't look like all the other impossibly perfect pop stars out there. Now, if she's just as conventionally attractive as the rest of them—and from the early photo ops, it certainly looks like she will be—will that have a negative impact on her underdog persona? And if so, will that affect whatever music she releases from here?

We're not sure yet about any of it, but regardless of all that, we do look forward to Adele's "Wow" performance at this year's Grammys. We just hope she goes with "Rumour Has It" or "Turning Tables" over "Set Fire to the Rain."