Adele's album, according to current incomplete projections, will probably not be No. 1. Nor will it be No. 2, and there's a chance it won't even be No. 3. This is the end of an era. Sniff.

That wasn't a drug reference, by the way. Of course it wasn't. But you have to clarify those things when discussing Madonna's MDNA, about which ridiculous amounts of controversy have been drummed up over drug references. That album's slated to sell at least 300,000 copies by April 1, the end of the tracking week. Next is Lionel Richie's country duets album--"country" and "duets album" being two phrases that tend to move copies--with 140K-160K. (The official ranking has them reversed, but MDNA is getting some sales from outlets that haven't been tracked--promotions, etc.) Next is Shinedown with 100K, which'd be respectable even without the weeks upon weeks of Adele context.

Only when you get into the lower reaches do familiar names show up: her, The Hunger Games, One Direction, Katy Perry's Teenage Dream re-release, Bruce Springsteen, etc.

Oh, and the Used have an album out. You know, the rock band whose frontman dated Kelly Osbourne. Take that--either part of that--to trivia night.