How Far Will Gwyneth Paltrow Have To Fall Before We Can Forgive Her?

As Gwyneth Paltrow bravely denies that her widely-loathed website GOOP is seriously in debt, and refuses to discuss the sudden resignation of GOOP's CEO, will she lose her status as America's most hated celebrity? How far will she have to fall before we can forgive her?

The Conscious Uncoupling announcement caused a spike in universal Gwyneth hatred, but as the dust settles, she is beginning to look kind of pathetic. Even her instagram pictures have begun to telegraph desperation and regret. At the same time, photos of her ex looking radiantly happy without his wedding band must be painful for Gwyneth, even though they are BFFs. When you Uncouple after eleven years of marriage, it would be nicer to see your husband looking reflective, if not actually bummed.

With GOOP's future apparently uncertain, Gwyneth is in China to drum up support for her website and brand. Perhaps to emphasize that she is newly single, she has chosen some absurdly revealing dresses for a number of her appearances. When asked about GOOP's reported financial losses, she insisted, "Those numbers are based on filings from a couple of years ago, so you shouldn't believe everything you read."

However, documents filed in the UK seem to confirm that GOOP is indeed $1.2 million in debt. Sure, Gwyneth herself is rich, but her lifestyle website is all about how perfect your life can be if you just follow all of Gwyneth's recommendations. Its failure would be a refutation of her very Gwyneth-ness.

Are you feeling a teeny tiny bit sorry for Gwyneth? I am, sort of.

If I could only forget that crap about how exercise has given her 'the butt of a 22 year old stripper,' I think I could work up some genuine sympathy. Maybe when Chris Martin starts dating an actual 22 year old stripper we'll all be able to forgive and forget.

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