How Hubble Is Disrupting The Contacts Industry

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I love wearing contacts, but moving into my new apartment in the city made keeping them stocked in my bathroom much more challenging - until I found Hubble. Hubble helps me always have the right amount of contacts with almost zero effort on my part, and for a much lower price than regular contact companies! This monthly subscription saves me a ton of time of having to go to the doctor in the suburbs to pick up my refills, and saves me precious space in my studio that I'd otherwise dedicate to storing a year's worth of lenses.

In the past, I used to have to drive to my optometrist's office and pay an outrageous amount for my year's supply of contacts. I would rely on those indefinitely, procrastinate when I saw my supply running low, and then scramble to put in a new order when it finally hit me that I only had a couple days of good vision left. Now, Hubble delivers a monthly supply to my doorstep for just $30 a month. It's so much more convenient and saves me time, stress, and hundreds of dollars!

Better yet, Hubble contacts are dailies and I like them so much better than bi-weekly or monthly contacts. I always hated having to wear my old monthlies, which started to dry out at the end of the month and were a nightmare to store. I've also lost and ripped contacts that were still in the beginning of their cycle, and I'd have to just take the loss and open up a new pair. If you're like me and wear contacts longer than the recommended 10 hours a day, you know that they start to get dry and itchy much sooner before you want to take them out.

With Hubble's daily lenses, I can just throw out my lenses at the end of the day and know that I'll have a refreshing new pair in the morning. I never have to worry about losing, cleaning, or storing my lenses. It takes me 20 seconds in the morning and 2 seconds at night, and the rest of the time I feel like I have perfect vision. I'm so much happier with my Hubble contacts than the contacts I was wearing previously, and now that I know about them I'm never going back!

Update: Hubble is offering new users an amazing deal. Follow this link to get your first two weeks for FREE (just $1 S+H)!