How I Used My Pending Divorce To Fix My Current Credit

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Life can be filled with limitations when you have bad credit, and I recently learned how to screw and un-screw myself out of credit nightmare. My husband and I started running out of cash paying rent when we couldn't get approved for a mortgage, and blamed each other for credit card bills and high interest payments we just couldn't keep up with. When the government seized last year's tax returns to pay off an old student loan, the fighting escalated. We'd come to no financial agreements or resolutions when we decided to separate, and our financial responsibilities were about to double overnight.

I didn't have 7 to 10 years to wait for negative items to be removed from my credit report before I could get approved for my own apartment, or a new credit card in my name alone. I knew my only chance was to refute items on my report, but I just didn't have the bandwidth to fight any more battles at the time. That's why I teamed up with Lexington Law, a service I desperately needed on my side. Lexington Law works directly with the credit bureaus and your creditors to remove unfair items from your report and clear a path for a clean financial future. They understand that life can be unexpected, and that sometimes, trustworthy candidates can get screwed out of good credit scores in the process. Plus, they take the stress out by doing the legwork for you.

When I called to signup, my personal representative coached me through my panic. She explained to me what to say to my future apartment's management company to ease their minds about each delinquent account on my report and emailed me a recommendation letter to show to them, stating that I was in the process of repairing my credit, and there was reason to believe various accounts on my credit reports were inaccurate, invalid, and/or unverifiable. I understood how my credit report could have made me seem neglectful, but that was not a proper indication of my character. Lexington Law helped paint a better picture.

I got instant access to the site's dashboard, where LexingtonLaw.com displays all three of your credit reports in an easy-to-understand way. It listed the positive items (I was surprised when I learned which accounts actually improved my score), and the negative items separately, and simply select the reason to challenge each negative item from a drop down menu. Then, Lexington Law reaches out to each creditor with lawyerly challenge letters to refute items and inform them about your situation. Lexington Law has methods of getting creditors to exercise leniency. For example, if you have issues with high student loans, bankruptcy, an expensive divorce, or high medical bills, Lexington Law will alert creditors of this as they did when they mentioned my pending divorce in challenge letters. (My husband was responsible for many of the charges, and Lexington Law helped me get those removed.)

As a result of Lexington Law's efforts, I immediately got approved for my dream apartment and moved in the very same day. My credit score shot up 22 points during the first month of my subscription, and is sustaining at highs while they work to remove the rest of the negative items.

Turns out, this is the norm. On average, Lexington Law subscribers see increases in credit score month over month. And it's been giving me the fresh start I needed to rebuild my future.

Update: The folks at Lexington Law are extending a special offer to our readers. Follow this link, or call 1-833-335-6839 for a free credit consultation including your free credit report summary and score!

Call anytime between 7am and 11:59pm EST for a free consultation including your free summary credit report and score!

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