How Lisa Bounced Back From Her Credit Trouble With Lexington Law

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We understand that finances can be unpredictable, and even conservative spenders can be uprooted by sudden shifts in the economy. Lisa Alden, a television writer and owner of a dog treat company in Los Angeles, could afford to use her credit for shopping, cars, and trips. But as a result of the writers' strike of 2008 and economic recession that occurred months later, she found her house of cards tumbling to the ground.

“I was crushed under the weight of not only just being out of a job, but also the weight of debt. I've had every type of credit damage. I've had public records be in the liens, late payments, repossession. I lost my apartment, some of the furniture, and my car was repossessed...It was absolutely terrifying."

Lisa's simple credit purchases had spiraled out of control because of the recession, and she needed a way to get back on track. She searched for reviews of credit services and found Lexington Law, a law firm that systematically uses the law to help eliminate negative entries on credit reports that drive down credit scores. It's the leading credit repair law firm that uses individualized legal strategies and acclaimed credit-coaching programs to improve your unique credit situation. Once you sign up, your representative will work directly with the credit bureaus to fight for you to delete items from your past that are hindering your score.

Lexington Law stood out to Lisa because of its positive reputation, and the fact that she could have the law on her side. She got started with a phone call, and soon she was on her way to credit recovery.

“Very few people know their score and what the items are on their report. Because of the dashboard on Lexington Law, I know at any given moment. Every week I know. I feel like I hope now because I see these items being removed, and I also know what I can do to help my credit score."

Last year, Lexington Law's clients saw an average of 10.2 items removed in just the first 4 months. The firm doesn't just get rid of the problem for you, but teaches you how to maintain good credit long after your credit has been repaired. It's really a small price to pay to have a law firm fighting for you, and to allow yourself peace of mind that your credit score will be as high as it can be so that you can afford the things you want in life.

For many people, their credit score does not accurately describe what kind of person they are. One number doesn't tell the whole story. Whether it's a recession, accident, emergency, or other unexpected financial shift, Lexington Law understands and will be your advocate to achieve financial freedom again.

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