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How Real Are The Housewives? RHOBH Plastic Surgery Exegesis

real housewives beverly hills plastic surgery

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills always look camera ready but how much help have they had?

Esteemed cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gregory C. Roche, who has not treated any of the ladies, gives Popdust his professional opinion on who’s had work done and who’s au natural.

Brandi Glanville

Brandi appears to have had some nasal work, her tip is hanging down a bit more in the first picture.

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She’s also had fillers, probably fat injections which are permanent, because her cheeks are fuller and her nasal labial folds appear to have been injected as well as underneath her eyes.

Her skin is very smooth which suggests Botox, light laser treatments and/or medications such a Retin-A. It looks Botox is likely too because the skin on her forehead is very smooth.

Carlton Gebbia

Carlton looks quite different.

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She had a good jaw line to begin with, but her cheeks are now fuller and higher, thanks to what I suspect is fat injections.

Her lips are fuller and have likely been injected with Restylane. She has had nasal work and a  possible mini mid face lift.

Joyce Giraud

Joyce  had a pretty dramatic rhinoplasty.

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Her nose is tighter and more peaked. It looks too operated on in my opinion and some what pinched.

She also had possible lip injections and filler in nasal labial folds.

She’s probably had some Botox in her forehead to give her eyebrows that arch.

Kim Richards

Kim has had nothing very significant done.

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To me she looks very natural and is aging gracefully.

Kyle Richards

Kyle has had a nose job.

She had the bump taken down and the tip realigned.

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Her cheeks appear to probably enhanced a bit, and mild filler in her lips. It’s nice and subtle.

Her skin is smooth probably from Botox or Retin-A treatments.

Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa was obviously very pretty to start with, but she has definitely had breast implants and she’s done some things to turn the clock back.

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Her lips are augmented, she had a light rhinoplasty.

I don’t see evidence of a facelift. Obviously good  genetics are a factor here.

Yolanda Foster

Yolanda has had a rhinoplasty, her chin is sharper possibly due to fat transfer or a small face lift—she looks very exotic.

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