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How Real Are The Housewives? RHOC Plastic Surgery Exegesis

real housewives orange county plastic surgery

The Real Housewives always look camera ready but how much help have they had?

Esteemed cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gregory C. Roche, previously weighed in on the Beverly Hills Housewivesgiving his expert opinion on who’s had what done.

And now it’s the turn of renown plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn to weigh in on the Real Housewives of Orange County.

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Dr. Youn, who has not treated any of the ladies, gives Popdust his professional opinion on who’s had work done and who’s au natural:

Alexis Bellino

Real Housewives Orange County—Alexis Bellino

Alexis looks great! She appears to have had some work done, but just tweaks here and there.

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I suspect that she's had a nose job, resulting in her nose looking thinner and fitting her face better.

She also appears to have had Botox injections in her forehead, injections of filler like Juvederm in her smile lines, and filler injected into her lips.

Gretchen Rossi

Real Housewives Orange County—Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen is aging very gracefully, albeit with some likely help from a plastic surgeon.

I believe she's had some Botox injected into her forehead and between her eyebrows, as well as filler like Restylane into her smile lines.

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It also appears that she's had her nose thinned and her teeth straightened and whitened. I also suspect that she's had an upper eyelid lift, making them appear refreshed and youthful.

Heather Dubrow

Real Housewives Orange County—Heather Dubrow

Heather appears to have had some help from her husband, a plastic surgeon, to look as good as she does.

Her nose appears to have been refined and she may have had injections of filler, like the new Voluma, into her cheeks.

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I also suspect that she's had laser treatments to smooth and refine her skin. It's also apparent that she's probably had Botox injected into her forehead.

Vicki Gunvalson

Real Housewives Orange County— Vicki Gunvalson

Although Vicky doesn't appear to me to have gone under a plastic surgeon's knife, she may have gone under the needle.

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I mainly suspect Botox injections in her forehead.

It also appears that she's tightened and smoothed her skin with a radio frequency treatment such as Fractora. Her teeth also appear to have been whitened and straightened.

Lydia McLaughlin

Real Housewives Orange County—Lydia Mclaughlin

Lydia looks good! She has a tight neckline, a possible result of a mini facelift.

Her forehead is smooth and her smile lines are blunted, possibly due to injections of Botox and filler.

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Her skin looks pristine, partially due, I suspect, to chemical peels like the ZO controlled depth peel.

Tamra Barney

Real Housewives Orange County—Tamra barney

Tamra appears to have been poked by her plastic surgeon a few times too many.

Her smile lines are blunted and appear filled in, her lips look plumped up, and her cheeks look puffy.

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Even though she appears to have had a lot of injections, I don't see signs of a lot of obvious surgery.

To find out more about Dr. Anthony Youn go to his website and check back next week for Popdust's rundown on the Real Housewives of Atlanta... here's looking at you NeNe!

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