By far the best to get over a recent ex (ESPECIALLY one who happens to be the most famous teen in the world) is a dinner full of sh*t-talkng with your BFF (ESPECIALLY when that BFF happens to be professionally skilled in relationship revenge.) I'm talking Selena Gomez and her BFF Taylor Swift, getting dinner just a day after Selena reportedly stormed out on a dinner with former beau Bieber. The two probably had a ton to discuss: Taylor's done with the Kennedy, already rumored to be dating a One Direction dude and Selena's been battling break-up/reconciliation rumors with her and Bieb for (what feels like) weeks now.

The two were photographed heading into dinner, which led me to imagine other ways the two could move beyond commiseration. Here's my list of ideas:

  • Double Date! Be publicly seen with all of the boys of One Direction, locked arm-in-arm together like some perverted Brady Bunch Family. Make sure to engage fun group activities like tag football and Mad Libs. "Throw a key party" as they say, mix-and-match and make sure to compare copious notes.
  • Make a super group! Team up with the rest of your friends (Demi Lovato, Emma Stone, that girl from Twilight, etc.), introduce yourself to Rye-Rye and her crew and form a giant girl group that's completely unstoppable in force. Name yourselves "The BFFs" or something and take over the charts. You'll be the second coming of the Spice Girls. I'm sure Sporty is around to help out.
  • Friendship bracelets! Do kids still make those? Maybe friendship custom detailed Vespas, instead. Kind of like a split heart necklace for rich people.
  • Rom-Coms! Brokenhearted normals would watch them, but you two could make one. Seriously, with Taylor's experience in Valentine's Day and Selena's years on The Witches of Waverly Place, you both have more than enough experience to produce your own romantic comedy. Cast yourself, cast Channing Tatum and Zac Efron. You have the power.

  • Wine coolers! Lots of them. Selena doesn't turn 21 until next July but good ol' Taylor is already 22, and we're not encouraging anything illegal, but a true friend knows her BFF's favorite flavor of watered down juice hooch.
  • Call Lindsay Lohan! Just kidding, don't do that.