How To Adult With Schott Zwiesel® Air Wine Glasses

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My husband and I just got married this summer and moved into a great new apartment. I finally felt like I was ready to be an adult, which meant I was strategic about my wedding registry gifts. We ended up getting a lot of new kitchen appliances, because I love to cook and entertain. But a top item on my wish list was a new set of wine glasses. And these ended up being the best gift of all. Here's why I added Schott Zwiesel® Air Wine Glasses to our registry at Sur La Table.

When my husband and I first met, we spent a lot of our time cooking together in the kitchen of my tiny studio. And when we got engaged, the Schott Zwiesel® Air collection came highly recommended. We checked them out on the Sur La Table website. They were stunning even in the pictures, and I even saw another collection called Zwiesel 1872® Air Sense with a hand-blown aeration ball inside. They all looked like pieces of art, and I immediately added them to our registry.

I was so pleased when we got our set, I was eager to have a party. I invited my parents over with a couple of friends of the family and I made my signature filet mignon with rosemary butter (a perfect accompaniment to wine!). My parents were so impressed with the meal (and glasses) that they wanted a set of their own.

My favorite part about these glasses is that they're made of Tritan® crystal glass fortified with titanium and zirconium. That means they're durable, chip and scratch resistant, and even dishwasher safe. So easy. While the stems are super thin and light, they stand up to wear and tear. Even after a dozen trips in the dishwasher they still came out looking brand new.

Getting married was a huge step, and my husband and I still have a lot to learn about being adults, but at least we're heading in the right direction with these wine glasses. They fit our decor just right. I feel a lot more confident inviting people over and I'm even getting more ambitious with my entertaining. For such an elegant set of glassware, the Air Collection comes at a reasonable price. That's why it's the perfect addition to any wedding registry.

UPDATE: Follow this link to the Schott Zwiesel® Air Collection: the thinnest, lightest stems and bowls made from lead-free Tritan® crystal glass. New and available at Sur La Table.

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