Photo booths are awesome, and given the fact that one can create one by their own, make them an even more attractive proposition. They are especially popular at parties, weddings and family events since they loosen everyone up. Setting one up does not require much skill and anyone can set one up by following some few rules.

When creating a photo booth, lighting will play a major factor in the quality of photos created. You can find affordable lights in the market. You will need a light beside the camera for reducing shadows. You may also need rim lights and a photography umbrella may act as a source of light bounce. A white umbrella may also serve the purpose if you cannot find a photography umbrella. You generally want the photo booth you create to resemble a studio as close as possible. Thus, when creating one, it would not hurt to get advice on how to set up the lights. Nonetheless, although lighting is highly recommended, you may also turn of the cameras flash if you do not have the resources for a good lighting rig.

The background will also be a major factor to judge the success of the photo booth. The background is one of the key elements in attracting people to your photo booth. When choosing a background, it is important to ensure that it goes along with the mood of the event. Nonetheless, you can let your imagination go wild in certain situations. You may find that your imagination and uniqueness actually attracts more people that you could have imagined.
Choosing a camera and its setting will also be an important factor to consider. A basic digital point and shoot camera would be sufficient for these type of events, and if you have a high calibre camera, then the better. Since this is not a usual studio setup, many people will need their pictures taken when they are standing up or seated. Thus when choosing a tripod, make sure you accommodate this fact. You should also choose a suitable lens. If it is possible, you should also have the option of a remote shutter release, which allows the guests to take their own photos.

Since most of these DIY photo booths are usually in events, customs and props play a major role. You should ensure you are well catered for in this department especially if there will be young kids who will want to dress up for photo shoots.

When intending to set up your own photo booth, you should also make sure you have extension cords if you are not sure how far the source of the power will be. It may also be require that you come with a masking tape to mark out where people will stand. If it is possible, you can also set up a monitor to allow people to see their photos. If it is also possible, you can have the option of making prints available if you have a printer.

The location of where you set up your photo booth will also go a long way in determining its success. You should strive to choose a location that is easily accessible, but also one that does not obstruct partygoers. It is also imperative to take into consideration lighting conditions. Do not choose a place where light will blow up your images. If it is a room, you can cover the windows with a dark cloth. When setting up a booth, you may need to do a few tests and see the results and make changes if necessary. This is really a fun process and you should try it.

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