Hugh Jackman Shares His "Gangnam Style" Knowledge with Jay Leno

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Hugh Jackman stopped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday to talk about barricades and bumping into YouTube celebrities, shedding light on a certain photograph that captures his attempts to horse-ride in Wolverine claws. Earlier this fall Psy gave the Les Miserables star a private "Gangnam Style" lesson, and now the student has become the master. "He taught me little bit of the dance. Do you want me to teach you a little bit of the dance?" Jackman asked his host, clearly ignoring any notion that Psy has first dibs on teaching all of Hollwyood how to properly move. The two make their way to center stage, clearing away any potential dance hazards, and the rest... will likely go into time capsule we'll look back on strangely when recalling the fascinating crazes of 2012. For a guy who's been sitting behind a desk for 20 years, Leno's not that bad.

Did you teach your Les Miz castmates the dance, Hugh? The musical has already proven its ability to work wonders alongside "Call Me Maybe."

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