Hyorin's Solo Single "Lonely" Sounds A Lot Like Some Other Songs We've Heard Before

K-pop fans have been hyped for months about the solo debut of SISTAR's Hyorin. SISTAR's currently the second most popular girl group in K-pop (after Girls' Generation, obviously), and they already have two of the highest-selling singles of the year with "Gone Not Around Any Longer" and "Give It To Me" -- so Hyorin flying solo is basically the Korean equivalent of Beyonce dropping "Crazy In Love."

Hyorin's doing a double A-side release for her solo debut, starting with a gorgeous mid-tempo ballad called "Lonely." The only thing is, we've heard this song before -- twice! The composition strongly resembles Sunny Hill's hit single "Pray," which was later recycled by Brown Eyed Girls for their Sixth Sense album cut, "An Inconvenient Truth."

"Lonely" was written by Kim Do Hoon, who does a lot of work with Sunny Hill's label, LOEN Entertainment. LOEN also has a good relationship with Nega Network, home of Brown Eyed Girls, and they often share the same producers, songwriters, and music video directors. Not only that, but LOEN is currently in the process of buying SISTAR's label, Starship Entertainment. This whole situation isn't much different to when Ga-In signed to LOEN and released "Bloom," which sounded a lot like the songs from LOEN's star artist, IU.

We're not shading Hyorin, though. "Pray" is amazing, "An Inconvenient Truth" is amazing, and "Lonely" is amazing. There's nothing wrong with using the same formula if the end product is good. Just look at Ke$ha's "TiK ToK" and Katy Perry's "California Gurls" -- they both sound the same, and we played the hell outta both those songs back when they dropped.

Hyorin, girl, keep giving us these flawless songs --original or not-- and we'll keep listening!

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