I Messed Up My Credit: Here's How Easy It Was To Fix It

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The emotional side effects of divorce are well-known, and while no one is ever really prepared for the change, I had a good idea of what to expect from friends, family, and even movies. But no one prepares you for the financial repercussions. After months in mediation with lawyers, the papers were signed, and I suddenly realized I didn't have what I needed to be financially independent. I had a good job, but a low credit score. All the little things added up over the years: the times my ex-husband was late on our mortgage payments, when our daughter had an accident and medical bills put us behind. Without good credit, I couldn't get approved for my own home, or even get a credit card with my name on it. I didn't know what to do.

Luckily, a friend told me about Credit Repair, a team of experts who specialize in fixing your credit score. I didn't know much about what makes up credit scores at all, much less how to fix them. But when I called Credit Repair, I was connected with a representative who looked over my particular case and explained everything. Here's how they work: Most people have negative items on their credit score that shouldn't be there. For instance, if you were late on a bill, but then you paid it off. But very few people know how to erase those items, and even if they do it can take 7-10 years to erase a single item by yourself. Credit Repair uses their legal expertise to work directly with credit bureaus on your behalf. They identify negative line items, and do the legwork to get them erased, so you start seeing real results in months instead of years.

When I called to sign up, my personal care rep coached me through my panic. She explained to me what to say to my future apartment's management company to ease their minds about each delinquent account on my report, and emailed me a recommendation letter to show to them. The recommendation letter looked official, and let them know that I was in the process of repairing my credit, and there was reason to believe various items on my credit report was inaccurate. CreditRepair used their experience to help me paint a better picture. With their help, I was able to get approved for an apartment, even before my credit score began improving.

My favorite part about Credit Repair was the site's dashboard. CreditRepair.com displays all three of your credit reports in an easy-to-understand way. It listed the positive items (I was surprised when I learned which accounts actually improved my score), and the negative items separately, including a drop down menu for possible reasons to refute each. CreditRepair has methods of getting creditors to exercise leniency. For example, if you have issues with high student loans, an expensive divorce, or high medical bills, CreditRepair can use this to get smaller creditors to give you more time on your loans. I always thought that creditors didn't have a heart, but it turns out that personal complications really can help your case. (My ex-husband was responsible for many of the charges, and CreditRepair helped me get those removed.)

With CreditRepair's help, I got approved for my dream apartment within a week. My credit score shot up 22 points during the first month of my subscription, and after a few months went up over 100 points. I thought my case was special, but it turns out this is the norm. On average, CreditRepair subscribers see increases in their reports month over month. And it's been giving me the fresh start I needed to rebuild my future.

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