I Tried MyKeto And Here's Why I'm Never Looking Back

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Three years ago I went on the Keto diet to help lose weight before a Miami vacation. I ended up living the no-carb, high-fat Keto lifestyle for six months because I absolutely loved the results, and most importantly how it made me feel -- I had more energy, less appetite, was sleeping better, and just generally felt like a well-oiled machine. Eventually I caved to peer pressure (so many birthday cakes at the office!) and went back to a regular diet. Recently, I started noticing that a lot of my friends are jumping on the Keto trend for the #gains, and I was considering going back too. But one thing was holding me back: the Keto flu.

The only downside of the Keto lifestyle is the first week -- it takes your body about a week to go into ketosis, burning fat instead of carbs for it's daily energy needs, and during those first three days you get sick, feel fatigue, muscle weakness, even nausea and feverish. I told my friend that I was worried about getting the Keto flu again, and she recommended MyKeto.

MyKeto makes supplements for people living the Keto lifestyle, including exogenous ketones that push you into ketosis within 30 minutes instead of three days. My friend said she didn't get the Keto flu at all--she just started to feel the benefits of ketosis immediately. I was hesitant to believe her based on previous experiences. When I first tried Keto I got winded just walking up stairs. But I couldn't deny her body looked leaner, so I decided to take her advice and took the plunge with MyKeto, determined to get back on a keto lifestyle.

The morning my Chocolate Fudge flavored ketones arrived, I mixed them into my coffee, which gave it a nice mocha latte feel. So far so good. After work, I did leg day at the gym and still felt great afterwards with no flu-like symptoms. Day two, I took the supplement in the morning again and by the end of the day, I noticed I didn't have any of my usual midday slump. I even had enough energy to stay late at the office without an afternoon coffee. By the end of the third day, I was convinced MyKeto worked. Having been on the keto diet before, I knew the signs of ketosis: high energy, focused cognitive thinking, and waking up refreshed. I couldn't believe it. In only three days back on the Keto diet, I was reaping the benefits of ketosis without having to go through the keto flu at all!

MyKeto's Exogenous Ketones made living the Keto lifestyle so much easier the second time around. And after cheating on the diet only two weeks in (I caved and sampled a seasonal brew during a brewery tour... totally worth it!), MyKeto helped me get right back on track without risking the flu. Now, I've been at it for a few months, and I can't believe how fast I've dropped weight and my normally stubborn belly has toned up. I'm functioning at my best, and plan to keep using MyKeto as a secret weapon to maintaining the Keto lifestyle for a long time to come.

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