I Tried Nutrisystem: Here's What Happened

Like a lot of people, I've always been in denial about my weight. I blamed my “bad genetics" and busy work schedule. In reality, I had no self-control. I went home every day exhausted and depressed, thinking I'd never be able to shed the excess pounds. I spoke to my doctor, who told me that if I didn't change my diet and exercise regimen, my obesity would lead to serious health issues. I needed a change.

Based on my track record with the gym, I knew I would never commit to a membership, nor could I afford (or have the time for) a personal trainer. I started riding my bike to work during the week, but it wasn't enough. After doing some research on weight loss plans, I found a forum about Nutrisystem. Some of the success stories on their site seemed too good to be true. But I couldn't help my curiosity, as I saw my own struggle in everyone's “before" statements. I was inspired to try out Nutrisystem for myself.

I chose the Nutrisystem® Uniquely Yours plan, which allowed me to choose which meals I wanted shipped to my home. I was concerned that I could no longer eat the foods I've always loved, but their menu has over 150 meals (even hamburgers and pasta!) that are quick to prepare. And to my surprise, they taste delicious. Being able to eat pizza that tastes like it's from my local Brooklyn pizzeria and ice cream sandwiches that are like the ones from my favorite ice cream shop make it so much easier to stay true to my diet. It doesn't feel like work.

Beyond the great-tasting food, they have lots of tools to help me stay on track. I had some questions about the flexibility of the plan, so the Nutrisystem counseling team advised me to supplement my meals with fresh veggies so that my caloric intake remained constant and I was eating enough. The meal plan contains high amounts of lean protein, fiber, and good carbs, so you get all the nutrients you need. One of my favorite things is that they give you proper portions ahead of time, so there's no need to count any calories or track any points.

After my first week on the program, I've lost five pounds and gained a ton of self-confidence and energy. Weight loss has always been a challenge for me, but the progress I've already seen is a big push in the right direction. It's a convenient way for me to stay on a well-balanced diet and I finally feel like I'm in control. I found a way to eat what I want and stay healthy, and it truly is a great feeling.

UPDATE (03/15/16): The awesome folks at Nutrisystem are extending a special offer to our readers. Click this link now to receive 40% off every order and free shipping for as long as you're on the program. As an added bonus, you'll also receive free turboshakes with your first order!

Full disclosure: I am a Popdust employee receiving complimentary Nutrisystem food for the purposes of this review. All opinions and results are 100% my own and may differ from yours.

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