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If a Boy Band Reunites and They Don't Make an EDM Track, Does It Make a Sound?

The world of pop music is never going back to the way it was in the '90s, when bubblegum rules the airwaves and a gang of attractive boys could sell a million records just by breathing. For the reunited man bands of the 2010s, success means saying goodbye to your old sound and doing whatever it takes to claim a spot in today's fractured musical landscape. Which in 2013 means dudes your dad's age are getting into dance music.

Following closely behind New Kids on the Block's "Remix (I Like the)," which we like it quite a bit, comes 98 Degrees second comeback single, "Girls Night Out," a similarly EDM-infused claim on our attention spans. "Girls Night Out" doesn't have quite the hook that "Remix" did—it sounds like a blueprint some producer drew up for Ke$ha with the understanding that she'd gussy it up with her own personality—but we've got to commend 98 Degrees for adapting to today's landscape while still remaining recognizably themselves. And hey, if you're a modern-day man band, you could pick a lot worse topics for a single than celebrating groups of independent women out on the town. These guys know their audience.


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