Jennifer Lopez's voice is often deliberately overshadowed by dancing and elaborate staging, but that doesn't mean she wants to negate her vocals all together. (She is an American Idol judge after all!) Lopez made it through the entire running time of "On The Floor" during her performance at the annual KIIS-FM Wango Tango concert in L.A. on Saturday, apparently unaware that no one could hear her until Pitbull whispered the sad truth in her ear. But it wasn't quite an Ashlee Simpson-on-SNL-level snafu. Rather then get flustered or apologetic, Lopez merely instructed the band and stage crew to give her a mulligan on the song—and extra set time. (Watch and learn, Selena Gomez.) "This is what show business is all about, baby!" She asked the crowd to join her once again, but not before threatening to axe one of the Staples Center employees. "Give me one second, they're working hard. Who's getting fired tonight? Somebody's getting fired tonight!" And that's how it's done, kids.

But here's the real question: Is "On The Floor" better with or without sound?

Land rover defender 110 Td5

New Straits Times January 13, 2002 | Dai Kawamura; Jaswir Kaur Dai Kawamura; Jaswir Kaur New Straits Times 01-13-2002 Land rover defender 110 Td5 Byline: Dai Kawamura; Jaswir Kaur Edition: 2* Column: 4x4

THE engine in the latest model of the Defender is the Td5. It is an inline 5-cylinder, 2-litre, intercooled, direct-injection diesel unit. Just how different is the Td5 as compared to the Tdi engine?

Both the Td5 and the 300 Tdi are 2.5-litre injection diesels, but one is an inline 5-cylinder engine supplied by BMW and the other is the traditional 4-cylinder engine. Presently, it is possible to purchase either one at an English Land Rover dealer, but the type that is sold at most dealers is the Td5. The Td5 is mainly for military use and there are some selected dealers who handle only this model.

A test drive on the Tdi model was carried out along a highway stretch and hilly slope. Even as the acceleration was speeded up, the vehicle picked up speed rather slowly. Throttle response was slow and at high speeds there is hardly any power.

The Td5 model proved to be faster as compared to the Tdi, thanks to it's "drive-by-wire-throttle". The amount of accelerator pedal being pushed is transmitted to the Engine Control Module (ECM).

The transfer case is in high range it only requires a little accleration, but in low range, to allow fine pedal control, the response is more gentle. go to web site land rover defender website land rover defender

So how much difference is there actually between the acceleration of the Td5 and the Tdi? The difference in acceleration from 0 to 200 metres was tested on a wet asphalt surface gentle slope. The Td5 fared better, on average, about 1.1 seconds faster. Apart from the engine, everything else remained the same; the gear ratio, tyre diamater etc.

Traction Control

The Td5 engine is a lively engine in the upper rpm range. So, how well does this Defender perform in off-road terrain ?

There is a marked difference between the two Defenders on this surface. This is due to the power of the electronic devise that the Td5 is equipped with, the Electronic Traction Control (ETC). The ETC automatically applies the brakes to any wheel that spins. By doing this, it gives traction to the opposite wheel which is in contact with the ground surface.

The Defencer is a vehicle that has outstanding off-road abilities, and with the addition of this feature, the vehicle's performance is superb.

Even if the diagonally opposite wheels are beginning to float, or the vehicle gets into a tight spot, as long as there is tyre grip in contact with ground surface, the vehicle comes out of the tricky situation without any difficulty. Not only that, unlike a vehicle that has front and rear differential locks, the Defender maintains excellent handling.

A note of caution though. Because driving this vehicle off-road is so easy, even for beginners, a greater level of caution has to be exercised.

The Defender may not be in the books of many 4x4 enthusiasts, but chances are you may not find another new vehicle with this level of specifications and silhouette.


The Defender comes out of tricky situations without any difficulty.;

Defender's 2.5-litre, 5-cylinder, direct injection diesel.; Unlike a vehicle that has front and rear differential locks, the Defender maintains excellent handling.; The Defender is a vehicle that has outstanding off-road abilities.; The Td5's electronic traction control automatically applies the brakes to any wheel that spins.

Dai Kawamura; Jaswir Kaur