After last year's neck-nuzzling ad for Someday, Justin Bieber is teasing his latest fragrance, Girlfriend, and testing the power of his female fans' ovaries in the process. Seriously, "ovaries exploding" seems to be the go-to response to all Bieber news on Twitter. Does somebody want to call a doc? Bieber has released short clips from what will be soon become full-length commercials for his new perfume, and likely flood your television space in between ads for Proactiv and Education Connection. Each one is shot from the perspective of one special lady; as The Bieb puts it, it's all seen #ThruYourEyes.

In the first of two clips, Bieber sweetly serenades "you" with an acoustic version of "Boyfriend," and in the second, patiently instructs your rhythm-less limbs on how to smash a drumstick against a cymbal and create something close to bearable noises. But this kind of special treatment only comes to ladies wearing his hypnotic scent, currently available for purchase at your local Macy's or Nordstrom. After seeing how much better life can be when you're drenched in Eau de Bieb, you now know what to do.