True story: I was checking Twitter at nope o'clock last night, and I saw someone mention Lana Del Rey on David Letterman. "No," I muttered, "no, I don't remember reading pre-show dissections about this, this is a hallucination, like maybe some kind of lucid hallucination, brought about by too many American Idol auditions, too much coffee earlier in the day, and too many thinkpieces earlier in the week, and playing a video game...." I don't remember falling asleep.

Then I woke up and forgot all about it until a flurry of videos of Lana on Letterman showed up in my Google Reader, but without any accompanying flurry of fury. Which makes sense; she sings fine, she's found the only orchestra in the world more sullen than her, and the most objectionable part of the video isn't anything at all Lana did but David Letterman perving her out at the end. Below, your parallel universe.