Frequently classified by his alleged taste for older women, Harry Styles has sent fans of One Direction through the emotional wringer with the recent reports that he's dating British model Cara Delevingne. We've known about the existence of certain girlfriends for some time, and Liam's continued coziness with his own special friend has even spawned engagement rumors, but Harry and Niall were our last hope.

Like Liam's girlfriend Danielle Peaver, 20-year-old Delevingne has been on the receiving end of some not-so-nice Twitter mentions this week. Yes, dating a member of a popular boy band will still earn you death threats; use this information as best you can. For a woman who gets paid to stand and have people tell her she's beautiful all day, the suggestion that her eyebrows are not in fact believed to be perfect by strangers on the Internet has had a surprising effect on her.

Delevingne has chosen to respond to the insults, rather than laugh about these tweens and their puny little lives while gazing deep into the eyes of her hot piece. But if you want to reinforce the fact that she's beautiful and Harry's beautiful and two extremely beautiful, incredibly talented people deserve each other, by all means, carry on:

Let's not get off-topic, but did she use the word "love"? 1D has an album to record! The boys should be weary of any and all distractions.

And nice work, Cara, but answering every jealous hater can send you down a dark, slimy path—and quickly. If she's open to it, Liam's girlfriend Danielle can offer some pointers on how to rise above the wrath of ruthless fans with too much time on their hands. We assume the 1D girlfriends have the same kind of bond—or at least, the same seating choices available to them during live shows—as the W.A.G.s of any U.K. football team.