While plenty of people pay hefty sums of money to watch Justin Bieber dance, the 18-year-old gets similar pleasure out of seeing others shake it along to his songs—free of charge, natch. To celebrate his role in Just Dance 4, Bieber was caught dropping in on groups of unsuspecting fans who believed they were simply sharing their thoughts on an animated Dancing Bieber in a focus group for the video game.

To successfully pull off the stunt, our bandanna clad-hero—an homage to Tupac?—watched from behind glass windows as his Beliebers grooved along to the Bieber-Nicki Minaj Believe collaboration, "Beauty And A Beat." From there, he basically conducted a master class in how to pull a fast one on unsuspecting followers. But first: two very important pre-prank rituals.

Step 1: Find a safe place where you can hide and study your target. 

Step 2: Leave behind a piece of your heart, to let them know how much they mean to you. 

We've heard that the upcoming video for "Beauty And A Beat" will "change the game" but this footage of The Bieb choosing to crash the private dance party by mimicking certain moves and delivering hungry fans a half-eaten pizza is inspired work. Yes, even when the MTV cameras aren't rolling, this prankster is always on the loose.

Almost as good as Bieber's newfound bandanna look are the plentiful reaction shots of teenage girls losing their minds over this unexpected guest. Some are quick to go straight in for the hug (that is what you all dream about, right?) while others are too shocked to even move.

Nice, but are these as great as Taylor Swift's surprise face when The Bieb had her convinced she'd set an entire wedding on fire?

We didn't think so. So the next time you start dancing like a fool, look over your shoulder to make sure Bieber isn't (or is!) hiding somewhere nearby.