Warning to all those with tickets to upcoming Believe shows: Justin Bieber will steal your phone. Yes, it's not only crazed Beliebers threatening your shot at a lifetime of easy listening, it's the 18-year-old himself you'll need to look out for.

Lindsay Lohan wasn't in attendance on Thursday night's Madison Square Garden show, but there was still some questionable behavior to be observed. Taking part in what's become a trend among 2012 live shows, Bieber conducted a free photo shoot for those who chucked their precious cellular devices on stage at Madison Square Garden on Thursday night. Well, free with the purchase of (likely expensive) floor seats to the Believe tour; two thumbs up to the Father of the Year candidate in the third row.

Following his overalls spread over Thanksgiving weekend, the Kid's latest obsession is definitely taking selfies—not that his fans mind, we'd imagine. BRB calculating how much an iPhone with Bieber self-portraits would go for at the playground...

Sure, it's fun when one or two phones hit the floor, and Bieber's fingers can easily navigate various apps until he's ready to give some Canadian-bred duck face, but more than three is just dangerous. You know how he feels about strange objects flying at his face! And what if some of those were Blackberries? Watch him (pretend to) get angry with his precious fans, threatening to hold all electronic hostages in a pop-up AT&T store. Has this sponsorship opportunity been explored yet, Scooter? He's made his service provider allegiance loud and clear.