If You Happen to Be in London, Check Out This Amy Winehouse Museum Exhibit

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Usually when someone tries to make you go to museums, you say "no, no, no," but this one might elicit a more positive response.

At the Jewish Museum in London, an exhibit entitled "Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait" will run until September 15th. The exhibit will feature the late soul singer's old mixtapes, clothes, and scribbles, as well as a salute to her family's Jewish heritage.

Alex Winehouse, Amy's brother who helped create the event, hopes this will reveal a side of the "Rehab" singer that the world didn't get to see before her tragic death on July 23rd, 2011 from alcohol poisoning. The museum's curator, Elizabeth Selby, echoes Alex's hopes: "I think what we're trying to do in the exhibition is show her as a well-rounded person," said Selby. "A person with faults, [but] a person with some great, positive traits as well."

While her incredible voice is enough of a relic on its own, this tribute is a "yes, yes, yes."

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