Iggy Azalea Threatens To Cut Off Fiance's Penis

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iggy azalea fiance penis

Iggy Azalea has threatened to cut off her finance’s penis—because nothing says Fancy like domestic violence.

“I already said one more video, just one more thing and you will lose a quarter of your meat,” Iggy Azalea announced on the Orlando & The Freakshow radio show last Friday.

“I’m not cool with it… Like you’ll have half a penis.”

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Caught on camera iggy azalea fiance penis

OK, chill your boots Lorena.

Azalea’s threat follows the 30-year-old Los Angeles Laker’s on-camera confession to cheating on her, which came to light after video was leaked.

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The leaked video was secretly made by Young’s teammate D’Angelo Russell.

In it, Russell asks Young if he has slept with other women, including Kanye West’s ex, Amber Rose.

Young opens up his big mouth and describes an encounter with a 19-year-old he met at a club last summer.

“You was 30 and she was 19?” Russell asks.

“What about Amber Rose, you never tried,” Russell presses.

“No, she knows my girl,” Young answers.

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Tricked by teammate iggy azalea fiance penis

It becomes apparent Russell didn’t disclose he was recording Young, when he quips, “I’m glad you told my video all that” and a dumb struck Young says, “Huh?”

Following the video’s leak, Azalea took to social media, thanking Russell for the “intel” on Young.

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The 25-year-old, who became engaged to Young last summer, tweeted:

hmmm i see D Angelo Russell is trending… I actually liked his film. Thanks bro

All good iggy azalea fiance penis

Just last week, Azalea assured Ellen Degeneres that  she and Young were "good," but she alluded to some drama.

“Whatever bro-code is or whatever unspoken code that is, I don’t care because I have an actual spoken commitment that you’re going to get married to me and that involves not doing any of those other things,” she said.

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Team tensions iggy azalea fiance penis

Meanwhile, the LA Daily News reports that not surprisingly, the status of Young and Russell’s friendship is up in the air:

Russell and Young have not fought, at least not yet. Should Young address Russell with a fist or a shove, however, the Lakers’ rookie point guard contended he would “get physical back.”

“I wouldn’t necessarily say things got to that point,” Russell said. “But if it does, you’ve got to deal with the consequences.”

As for the Lakers, sources tell ESPN that team spirits are at an all time low:

It’s bad. It’s about as bad as it can get.

There were trust issues already. Now there’s no trust.