Iggy Azalea Wants You All To Know She Peed Her Pants At The Dentist’s

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iggy azalea peed pants dentist Iggy Azalea Wants You All To Know She Peed Her Pants At The Dentist’s

Iggy Azalea really wants you all to know—hell, she wants the whole world to know!—she peed her pants at the dentist’s office on Tuesday.

The 25-year-old Ozzie has never been afraid of sharing more than a little TMI, but the series of tweets she fired-off regarding the dentist's incident, translate to some serious over-share, even by Azalea’s standards.

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Apparently, it all went down—literally and figuratively—during a trip to the dentist’s to undergo a series of root-canals, or “route canals” as she refers to them.

The tweets start off harmless enough

So. I went to the dentist today and got multiple route canals. It turns of [sic] flossing is just not optional—at all, ever!!!!


Anyway, i was there for 8 hours getting all these cavities etc fixed. BUT that’s not my story for the day.

Azalea’s story for the day

The real story is i peed my pants


its mildly amusing or i wouldn’t mention it, but i feel we need to talk about it. lol.


Im not sure if this all happened in the dentist chair while i was asleep for so long. or while i was driven home by @AleHerself


All i know is, somehow ale changed my [sic] into normal clothing and i really owe her something cool/awesome/fun for having to deal with this.


Am i the only 1 whos done this to themselves while sedated at a dentist? I guess i better showing up [sic] in a diaper if ever have 2 go back

OK, so, first off Iggs, we would definitely advise you to, yes, go back to the dentist again at some point—or, you’re going to have a damn site more pant pee inducing cavities in your future.

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Secondly, you may want to reign in the over-sharing, just a tad.

Thirdly, you should reach out to Whoopi Goldberg, as her incontinence product adverts attest to, she too, like 1 in 3 women, has an issue with the odd “little spritzer” occurring here and there.

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We’re pretty sure the Whoopster has a shit ton of Poise hanging around the house that she can send your way.

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