Ignorance of Pop Couples Gets Man Stabbed in Ohio

Yeah, yeah, you just know everything about pop music, don't you? When someone reveals that they doesn't know that Katy Perry's name used to be Katy Hudson and she once released a self-titled gospel album, it's just like God, why are you alive and WHY am I talking to you? Well, we hope that you at least draw the line somewhere before it gets to physical violence, unlike 31-year-old Ronald Deaver of Parma Ohio, who apparently sees red when confronted with obscene levels of pop ignorance. As reported by FOX 8 in Cleveland, Devaer recently stabbed an unnamed 48-year-old after a bar fight. Why the stabbing? Detective Marty Compton says the assault occurred "because the victim did not know that singer Beyonce's husband is rapper Jay-Z."

Now, to be fair to Deaver, that is a pretty inexcusable thing not to know. Our parents here at Popdust probably couldn't name a single Beyoncé song, and they almost certainly think she was a member of TLC, but assuredly, they at least know that Beyoncé is married to Jay-Z. Still, when you get all stabby about it, you just make the rest of us pop snobs look even more psychotic—you gotta suck it up and live to smug another day. Needless to say, this dude is not invited to our monthly music trivia night.


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