In Bed With Lainne: Terri-Lynne On Being Sexy And Pregnant At The Beach

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This week Lainne gets comfortably uncomfortable with the gorgeous Terri-Lynne, owner and creator of Bikini Mama Swim Wear, designed to make pregnant women feel their sexiest at the beach.

“I actually came up with the line while I was pregnant because I was really disappointed when I went swimwear shopping and I couldn’t find anything that made me feel beautiful or sexy,” she explains.

Lynne’s swimsuits are a patented design that offers the ultimate support to women’s best assets- lifting, sculpting, separating for maximum hotness!

“We just wanted everyone, whether your pregnant or not, we wanted to make everybody feel beautiful in their own skin.”

Terri Lynne tells Lainne how motherhood has made her feel much sexier and that’s it’s taught her to love her flaws, and embrace the aging process.

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