Mariah Carey's "Triumphant (Get 'Em)," which premiered yesterday, isn't bad. It's also not really a Mariah Carey song, considering Rick Ross and Meek Mill's respective shares of the track mean she's practically a hook girl on her own comeback track. On its own terms, it's all right, but it's less a dramatic, triumphant comeback than the filler street track before that one arrives.

So while we're waiting for that big dramatic Mariah Carey single, how's this remix as a blueprint? The mix's Mariah-only and is being called Vintage Throwback, which might be a misnomer. It's only a "vintage throwback" if you think the phrase means throwing it back to those vintage days of 2010, when Calvin Harris was just moving past British stripling, when EDM was just someone's monogram and when Mariah Carey would've been tortured during pregnancy by some other sort of music, Kanye or Arcade Fire maybe. Or perhaps if you think the phrase means "really singing over house pianos." That last part sold you, right?