How did it take so long for some enterprising/bored/enterprisingly bored guy to mashup Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" video with its precursor, 'N Sync's "Girlfriend"? The videos, that is. Not just the songs. Like so.

See, anyone can do a "Girlfriend"/"Boyfriend" mashup, as evidence demonstrates nicely. (One of them is "slightly dark." One talks about how "fondue pots are so legit.") But a video mashup? It'd be more than that. It'd be more than a cute concept. It'd be commentary, even if it's just commentary on how, when you've got to suddenly scrap your old plans, you end up with something derivative. And unlike the other way to accomplish this--stringing together a bunch of still frames--there's something to listen to as well.

...Though it's a little hilarious how this mashup makes Justin Bieber the guest rapper on a boy-band song. The music industry makes possible some really strange shit.