To say our emotions have been out of whack over the last week is an understatement. Yes, we've been crying at the appropriate times (new episodes of Parenthood; following the news that Hostess was folding) but we've also felt tears start to build during non-crises and everyday tasks as simple as crossing the street. If Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are no more, then why should one wait for the "walk" signal? We're all headed to the same place—a loveless, baggy/skinny sweatpants factory in the sky—anyway.

At Sunday's American Music Awards, Bieber brought his mom Pattie Mallette as his date, perhaps to show what a "good" guy he is and how Barbara Palvin is NOT (yet) a go-to plus one, before enjoying the embarrassment of riches his Beliebers and the AMAs bestowed upon him. Throughout it all, there were a few standout moments that suggested he had Selena on his mind: a shout-out to the haters and "I love you, too" during his acceptance speech; an emotional acoustic performance of "As Long As You Love Me"; the inclusion of Nicki Minaj's "Selener" reference in "Beauty and a Beat."

This explains the less than convincing body roll, and why the Bieb recoiled at Jenny McCarthy—disappointing every avid viewer of Singled Out—when she went in for a kiss.

But was it enough for reconciliation? Maybe! Word that the two were spotted together after the show (yes, that's Selena's hand on Bieb's arm) further blurs their current relationship status and continues to tear us up inside. How are we supposed to appropriately asses our social media allegiances if these two keep breaking up and reuniting? Did Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Getting Back Together" teach you anything, Selena?

In times of trouble, and whenever he needs a new song, Bieber turns to his mom, who was also spotted with the maybe-happy maybe-couple Sunday night. She's been a fan of the former Wizards of Waverly Place star from a start, and knows the perils of young love all too well. Could a few hours of purring advice into her boy's ear in front of Pitbull and Psy have finally led him fully understand Selena's wants and needs? Just 24 hours ago they were separated by a giant gate; now they've made physical contact.

As a friend of Tish Cyrus, Ms. Mallette is no stranger to dysfunctional relationships. So tell us what to think here, Pattie. You're a published author, whose refined Canadian wisdom obviously leads to great things.