Along with SISTAR and 4minute, boy band INFINITE have just launched their official sub-unit, INFINITE H. The "H" stands for "hip-hop," with the group's two resident rappers, Dongwoo and Hoya, serving as the unit's two members. The boys have hooked up with Primary --currently the hottest urban hitmaker in K-pop right now-- for their debut album, Fly High, and it's lead single, "Special Girl." But for a hip-hop themed sub-unit from an already aggressive group, "Special Girl" is surprisingly soft.

More bubblegum R&B than rap thuggery, "Special Girl" is a breezy midtempo about being in love with a beautiful woman and trying to build up the courage to approach her. The chorus even veers into cheesy territory on the first listen, but after a few more spins, Hoya and Dongwoo's sugary crooning starts to sound sweet enough to make any young girl weak at the knees. The music video is a similarly frothy affair, with the duo playing actors in love their glamorous co-star -- who also happens to be coveted by just about every other man in town. The boys spend a lot of time grinning and winking in bright pastel fashions, and even drop a few smooth moves that look like something the Backstreet Boys might have done back in the day.

Some folk will find "Special Girl" too corny to stomach, while others will fall for it's cutsie charm and '90s throwback feel. Either way, it's nice to see INFINITE H trying out a different style, as opposed to GD&TOP, whose unit album barely strayed from BIGBANG's usual sound.

Check out "Special Girl" below, and let us know what you think of INFINITE-H.