Shia LaBeouf’s latest creative venture is certainly weird…. very, very weird….BUT.. is it art?

Well, the actor—who, let’s face it, really lacks a sense of humor when it comes to himself…and his “craft”— certainly thinks so and Popdust has the 411 on his decidedly bizarre art show last night.

Shia LaBeouf Art Installation #IAmSorry


As previously reported,  the 27-year-old announced his retirement “from all public life,” very publicly via Twitter last month.

The announcement came shortly after LaBeouf became embroiled in a plagiarism controversy following accusations that his directorial debut with, was creatively stolen from a 2007 comic by artist Daniel Clowes.

Shia LaBeouf Art Installation #IAmSorry


He claimed his retirement (whether real or imaginary) came “in light of the recent attacks against my artistic integrity.”

Soooo, how’s that whole retirement “from all public life” thing working out for you Shia?

Hmmm… not too good?

Well, perhaps you might want to try stopping to seek constant attention and press? Just an idea…

Shia LaBeouf Art Installation #IAmSorry


Case in point—Tuesday night’s “art installation” aptly titled #IAMSORRY.

TMZ  was lucky enough to be there in person and witness the artistic greatness first hand.

Here’s their reporter’s rundown:

I walk into the gallery. A lady is standing behind a table with an assortment of different items apparently related to his life: whip [from Indiana Jones], a Transformer [from Transformers], Jack Daniels [he likes to drink?], bouquet of daisies, cologne, pink ukulele, etc.

I pick the bottle of Jack and the lady escorts me to the next room separated by a curtain.

Shia is sitting down, paper bag on his head, hands firmly planted on the table. I introduce myself, offer him tacos. No response.

I tell him I find the bag to be distracting and if he'd be willing to take it off. He obliges."

His eyes are red and puffy as if his cat just died.

I tell him this all seems incredibly self-serving. No response.

I ask him to share a swig of whiskey with me. No response.

I ask him if any slimy characters have put their lips on the bottle -- he breaks into a wide smile. Then immediately his face returns to its regular stoic self."

I tell him I think he's a good actor who's wildly misunderstood. I ask him if I can take a picture. No response. I say I'm a nice guy, please don't punch me in the face. I take a picture.

He doesn't move. I thank him for his time and extend my hand -- he shakes it. I leave.

Oh… he’s a deep one that Shia…. a deep, deep, deep one…..