Last we heard from Drake early in the morning, it was "9AM in Dallas," but apparently Drizzy's sleep patterns are getting even more erratic these days, as now he's coming to us from "5AM in Toronto." The title for the song—which will apparently be appearing on the rapper's third album, Nothing Was the Same—makes a little sense, given that the song is the kind of hyper-focused freestyle that sounds like Aubrey woke up in the middle of the night with an idea and just had to get it on tape before he lost the idea for it.

If you thought that "Started From the Bottom" was a little too minimal, too challenging for your Drizzy tastes, chances are he's moving in the wrong direction for you with "5AM," as the song is just one long Drake rap over a sharp, Kraftwerk-style synth riff. No chorus, no guest stars, no real hook or anything—just Drake being Drake, rapping about how he's "on my King James shit, I'm trying to win here again" and how he "give these niggas the look, the verse, and even the hook / That's why every song sound like Drake featuring Drake." Wouldn't Drake Featuring Drake actually be a great name for a Drake album? Save that for the greatest hits, maybe.

It's hard to get much of a read on Nothing Was the Same from these two songs, but Drake advance singles ("Find Your Love," "Headlines") have never really explained much about their parent albums—it's one of the fun and cool things about being a fan of the Young Money star, really. It'll all make sense soon enough, we're sure. In Drizzy We Trust.