Instant Billboard Music Awards Review: Chris Brown, "Fine China"

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Three words: Karate dance sequence. We're disappointed we didn't see it coming, but Chris Brown indeed finished his performance of latest single "Fine China"--and boy, is he really taking the "China" part of that title to heart with all the Eastern-inspired design and plot machinations of both this performance and the song's music video--with a mock fight sequence. To be fair, though, if there was one pop star in music right now who was born to deliver an on-stage karate dance performance, it was probably Breezy, and he acquits himself admirably in the mock-combat.

And at least with this performance, he saves the super-physical stuff for the end, leaving him free to, y'know, actually sing during his proper performance--something of a novelty for Brown at award-show performances of late. The song still isn't great, but the live rendition is a solid one, with a nice funk edge to it and an awesome guitar solo to close things out. It's damned preferable to seeing his 189th live "performance" of "Turn Up the Music," certainly.


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