Instant Billboard Music Awards Review: Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull, "Live It Up"

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As game as Christina Aguilera (as well as the dude from A-Ha) was for their performance with Pitbull on the earlier "Feel This Moment," it's clear that Jennifer Lopez is more Mr. Worldwide's equal when it comes to impossibly energetic, borderline-frenetic live performances. J. Lo was better dressed for the occasion as well, wearing a Jennifer Beals-esque red one-piece thing with super-furry sleeves for some reason. Remarkably, the impractical get up did not prevent her from doing all sorts of acrobatics up and down the stage, flopping around her bangs and just generally being a big red blur up there. Song's not bad, either--definitely of a piece with several dozen other pop hits of the last three years, but easily her most fun single since "On the Floor," regardless.

Oh, and Pitbull held it down, natch. Dude's a pro's pro.


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